How do I purchase one of your .uk domains?

A: Submit an enquiry via email (details on contact page) we will send confirmation that the domain is still available for purchase.
Payment is via BACS or paypal for domains priced at 500 in the fixed price section.

How is the domain transferred to my ownership?

A: Once payment is completed we will send via email the nominet transfer email. Complete the transfer request by logging in to your nominet account.
If you do not currently own any .uk domains and therefore no nominet account you can open one for free. The choice will be given to change the 'tag'.
Each registrar has its own tag, for example 123reg.co.uk is: 123-REG , daily.co.uk is: DAILY
This can be checked easily at your registrar.
Once the nominet transfer is completed, submit the form at your registrar to transfer in a domain into your account, this is free.
The domain will appear in your registrar account.
Although this process is very simple, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

How to purchase non .uk domains from you , i.e .com?

These domains are not priced, they are price on application and vary greatly in price. Please submit an enquiry via email to get a price quote.
Transfer of domain ownership is very simple between accounts at any chosen registrar or a domain transfer can be requested. Again we will hold your hand through this process once you have purchased a domain from us.
For the purchase of gtld domain like .com we use an escrow service, either escrow.com or ecop.com

You would need to open a free escrow account there.